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We are thrilled to announce that Stephen Buonocore aka “The Podfather of Gaming” will be our Special Guest of Honor at the 2022 Vegas Event.

Stephen buonocore

Guest of Honor

The 2022 WSBG Vegas Guest of Honor will be Stephen Buonocore, the Podfather of Gaming. Stephen is a game boarding entrepreneur, media personality and industry veteran. He is the co-host of “Board Games Insider” podcast and a member of The Dice Tower Network.

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WSBG 2022 VIP Tom Vasel – is a podcaster, designer, reviewer of board games, and has hosted The Dice Tower video show since 2003, which has more than 290,000 subscribers.

Tom Vasel


Tom Vasel is a podcaster, reviewer and game designer who has hosted The Dice Tower video show since 2003 and has rated about 7,000 games and expansions.  When he lost his son, Jack Vasel, in 2011, he established the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, a nonprofit that raises and distributes funds to help gamers in their time of need.

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Paula Deming


Paula Deming is the creator of the sketch comedy series “Things Get Dicey.” She also hosts “On the Radar” and “Table for 1” for Watch It Played, streams board games and video games on Twitch, and co-hosts the comedy podcasts “This Game Is Broken” and “Death by Monsters.”

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2022 WSBG VIP David Watbright

David Waybright


David Waybright is a board gamer who prioritizes fun at the table above everything else. If everyone is having fun, then I’m having fun. This is the guiding motivation for Man vs Meeple, and the team at MvM is dedicated to sharing their thoughts and opinions about board games (and more) with whoever’s interested in listening.

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WSBG 2022 VIP Ruel Gaviola

Ruel Gaviola


Ruel Gaviola is a writer, podcaster, and live streamer creating some of the best board-game-related content published.  He is a contributor to Geek & Sundry, writing about his passion: board gaming. He is also the knightly news guy for You can find him at Good Time Society, Rahdo Runs Through, Gen Con TV, Renegade Game Studios, Geek & Sundry, Roll20, and much more. His reviews are ubiquitous and listened to by thousands around the world.

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Alex Radcliffe


Alex Radcliffe started in the board game hobby in 2011 and fell for it hard.  Over the next 8 years he continued to dive further and further into the hobby and in 2019 he started doing Youtube videos, focusing his love of games into another outlet. As the channel grew, becoming more and more known in the board game space, he eventually was able to leave his day job in 2022, to dive into content creation full time. Whether it’s reviews, campaign coverage, topical discussions, top 10 lists, and the occasional musing about life, the universe and everything, there’s something there for you. Visit our online store

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Jesse (1)

Jesse Anderson


The ill-suited ornithologists, Jesse Anderson and Jan Bigas, discuss board games on a weekly basis in an effort to catch Quachalope, the elusive bird. Through long winded conversations on mechanics, context, theme and game design, the hosts strive to discover the reason of the Quackalope’s fascination with the hobby. Join us at the table and don’t forget your binoculars.

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WSBG 2022 VIPs Robb & Christina Rouse are two of the cast of hosts at Blue Peg Pink Peg.

Robb & Christina Rouse


Robb and Christina Rouse are hosts of Blue Peg, Pink Peg, which focuses on board games and relationships and hopes to bridge the gap between hardcore board game hobbyists and the people who love them. 

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WSBG Vegas is happy to announce that Chris George, actor, singer, voice-over artist and Board Game reviewer and host of Room and Board will be attending WSBG Vegas as a special VIP guest.

Chris George

Live Streaming Producer & VIP

Chris George is a host of “Room and Board” on YouTube and an actor, singer, voice-over artist and board game reviewer. He will also be WSBG’s Live Streaming Producer, recording the games for commentary and streaming purposes.

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